Reincarnation FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In my verbal conversations with various people, they typically ask the same set of the below questions:

Can I come back as a cat in my next life?

Sorry, as a human you can only come back as a human being. Despite what some eastern religions believe, you cannot be demoted to a lower life form and you cannot get “promoted” from a lower life form to a human.

Did God choose my current life for me?

No you did, you picked your parents, spouse(s) and what you would look like before you came here. If you are not happy about your current choices, you obviously made them so that you would be challenged in this life.

How did you find out about reincarnation?

That’s a long and good story. Too long for a FAQ, invest $3.99 and download my book, “My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway” for all the interesting details.

Where exactly was I before I was born?

Your consciousness was in that higher vibrational experience called Heaven. You were having fun feeling bliss and indulging all of your souls’ fantasies. You also spent time studying the mistakes of your prior life and planning your current one.

If I was experiencing bliss in Heaven, why would I come down here to my tough life on Earth?

Ahh, that’s the $64,000 question! There are different levels in Heaven.  Souls strive to be closer to God, but to get there; you must improve your soul through life experience. Coming to Earth is a voluntary thing. Many souls do not have the courage to try the “Earth test”. Congratulations, you did.

So, how do you score points on Earth so that you can get closer to God?

Spiritual advancement is measured by how much you can rise above your personal prejudices and show understanding and compassion to people who hold different values, viewpoints or beliefs than you. Also, it is said that character is defined by the good deeds that you do when no one is looking. Doing more of this also scores points.

So if I score lots of points over many lives, what is the payoff?

Your soul does not have to reincarnate anymore and you get access to God.

Do I have to reincarnate after this life?

No, you are not required to, but your soul will probably gloss over the difficulties you are going through now and come back again.

Why can’t we remember our prior lives?

You do when you get back to Heaven, every moment of every life. The reason you do not remember on earth is that the reincarnation system wants you to start each new life with a new fresh perspective. This new perspective is not influenced by your past experiences and allows you to take new approaches to things. However, deep down in your sub-conscious some of your past life lessons are retained and they do bubble to the surface.

What happens if I am bad in life, do I go to hell or do I get punished in some way?

There is no Hell in the reincarnation system unless you specifically want to create one for yourself. Everyone goes back to heaven no matter what you did. Look at my past life sins, if I didn’t go to Hell, you certainly will not. However, you do have to balance things out through Karma. Also, if you read the Shem chapter in my book, you will see that Heaven judges what is bad much differently than what you would you think. You can be “bad” in your life if you believe that it will help your soul advance. But to cause harm to other souls requires that you first get their permission before you come down here. Believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to get permission.

You mean souls would actually want to experience pain and bad things by volunteering for them?

Yes, that was the most surprising thing that I learned. I still have a hard time getting my head wrapped around that idea. Souls want to experience all things and all emotions.

How many lives did you live already?

I was told 99, but I was only given details about 10 of them.

When I come back next time, I am going to come back rich and beautiful and I will have a fantastic life!

That’s great, but then what’s the point of doing that? You should just stay in heaven. The whole point of this exercise is to experience hard challenges and grow from the experience. You would not score any soul advancement points with an easy life, so why bother?

Is Karma real?

Karma is truly a bitch speaking from personal experience. I died violently in six of my prior lives to pay off a Karmic debt. And I still owe one more life! I spend a lot of time in my book discovering exactly how I got into “Karmic” trouble. The trouble came from this one specific life.

Who designed this reincarnation system?

The universal source of all consciousness, God, who is best known as the Source or Spirit to psychics.

Are ghosts real and how do they fit into the reincarnation system?

Great Question! Ghosts are real and what makes them unique is that they have temporarily rejected the cycle of going back to Heaven and then reincarnating. For various reasons, they are comfortable staying on the Earth plane and not participating in the system. One spirit guide I encountered in my book seemed to have a low opinion of these types of spirits and he actually chewed me out for interacting with them.

Do you really believe in this stuff?

As my deceased father told me four years after he died, I don’t have to believe when I already know it to be true.

I am afraid that I could be sent to Hell for investigating reincarnation and psychics.

The bible says you should not do this. Really? It’s time for you to get a new perspective. If you truly believe in a loving and merciful God, then you must give God more credit than that. The whole point of you being down here is to explore new things and learn. Being constrained by false fears will not allow you to advance spiritually. I say this as an expert. I served lives as the Abbot of a Monastery and a as Roman Catholic Arch Bishop. (This is also in my book. Boy did I get in trouble as a Bishop!) You see my soul made the transition from organized religion to a more spiritual form. If you are not ready for this now, that’s ok. You will eventually make the same transition I did, but it will be in a future life. Your spiritual growth is in your hands and so is the timing.

Why should I buy your book?

Because it is a fascinating inside look at the world of psychics and reincarnation. Besides, where else can you find out the real meaning of life for less than the price of a Starbuck’s Grande coffee?