About the Author

My Journey Down the Reincarnation Highway

Honestly, I am not that big a deal in my current life (life #99), just a middle aged small businessman in Ohio who wrote a book. The only really notable thing about me is that I am a “low power” psychic. I use the term “low power” in that my psychic abilities are limited to just getting yes and no answers to the questions that I ask the “other side”. I can’t see or hear the spirits like the high power psychics do. However, you can still get a lot information if you ask the right yes and no questions. And the name, Frank Mares, is really the name of my maternal grandfather. I use his name as my penname because my wife is scared to death that if I used my real last name, the publicity would hurt our two businesses.

So who am I really? You must go beyond the present day “Frank” and look at the complete portrait of my soul. When you look at it, use the advice of one of my mentors who helped me discover reincarnation. The great Psychic Staci Wells told me that when you look at all the lives that a soul chooses to live, that each individual life should be considered as a brushstroke of what the soul wants to be. It’s the totality of the brushstrokes that make up the soul. Unfortunately, I have two black brush strokes that mar my soul’s portrait. Although I lived those two lives hundreds of years ago, I am still paying for them in my current life.

In my soul’s long history of 99 lives, I would try to live lives at the highest level of national power. I loved that kind of life and all that it brought. However, with great power comes the obligation of responsibility. In that area, I did not do so well. There were times when I did not look out for the greater good of the people that I lead. I acted selfish and out of control. I paid a blood price in six of my prior lives to make up for this poor behavior. As part of my penance, my younger days as Frank were miserable. Other people in the world would have gladly taken my younger life in exchange, but to a privileged ex-nobleman like me, my younger life sucked. Although to be fair, I have to admit that Frank’s older years are starting to get pretty good. Using this life as an example, things can turn around if you clean up your act and start living spiritually.