Your difficult spouse was probably a prearranged test.

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Originally posted on 10/05/2012

I want to expand upon the theme of my last blog where I stated that the way to score “soul points” is to rise above the inherent differences you have with other people by showing respect, tolerance and acceptance of those differences. In my last blog, I singled out religion as a perfect hot button issue for people to give them an opportunity to shine as souls. I just remembered that there was another perfect hot button issue, a difficult spouse.
You will notice in my book that I had a “difficult” ex wife named Julie when I was younger. She was an extremely pretty woman with whom I had a 10 year turbulent relationship until she left me for another man. Pretty bad stuff until I learned that the reincarnation system hides things from our view. In chapter 17 of my book, I found out that my whole bad relationship with Julie was planned by my soul to be a test of my self esteem. What better way to test your self-worth than the test that Julie gave me? It was a test that I passed in this life by moving on and letting go without long term anger or self incrimination. I certainly know I would not be so charitable in a prior life. In my life as the brute Nicholas, I would have run her through with my famous sword. She would have been one more victim to add to my list.
So what is my relationship nowadays with Julie? I would call it friendly. I like and admire the person that she has become. I shared with her the manuscript of my book and I occasionally e-mail her with something that I know she would find amusing. I do not need to forgive her, because there is nothing to forgive. We had an agreement before we entered this life that she would test me this way. It was my request, so who am I to be angry? I actually owe her gratitude because she had to endure years of guilt for what happened. I assured her that there was nothing to be sorry for and that she needed to be happy and guilt free.
I share this story with you because I believe this is one of those rare times that my soul actually scored “soul points” in a life because I adopted an accepting attitude. My mother would accuse me of being a wimp, but as we will explore in future blogs, she is a great example as to how not to act.
Frank Mares
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