Frying your Noodle

psychic medium the oracle

I love the Matrix movies where one of my favorite characters is the Oracle. She has a lot of great lines; one of my favorites is when Neo knocks over a vase just after she told him to watch out for it. The background of the scene is that the Oracle is a psychic who can see the future. She knows beforehand that Neo will knock over that very same vase. She tries to prevent the event by shouting a warning, but the warning only serves to startle Neo into knocking over the vase. Her line to Neo was something like “What might really fry your noodle is the idea that you may have knocked over that vase only because of my warning.” Neo looks confused not getting her idea and the Oracle moves on to other business. What the Oracle was trying to communicate that determining the real cause of an event can sometimes be hard to determine. As I describe in my book, I had my noodle fried by psychic medium (Staci Wells) a few months ago. All my life I was mystified why my teens and 20s absolutely sucked. I know everyone has difficulties during that time in their lives, but my experiences were way above average in frustration. I did not go to Staci to discuss this particular topic, but she came right out on her own and told me that my life plan was set to have the first thirty to thirty-three years be an “extensive, extended experience of frustration where I would not get affirmation from others.” It turned out that my soul planned that miserable, frustrating time period to test my self esteem. Staci’s revelation really shows you who is in charge of your life and that entity would be your soul. My higher self thought that that little 20 year exercise would be a great idea while “little ol me” as Frank had to suffer through it. Of course, my higher self had a big Karmic debt to pay off from the activities of one of my prior incarnations, so I (Frank) had to pitch in and contribute to the karmic payoff with this miserable 20 year experience. I have to look at the bright side, at least I was not violently killed like my other prior incarnations. And my struggles will get me to where I am supposed to be.

Frank Mares
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