Conquering the fear of death

psychic reading facing death

In my book, I write of how I did not handle the death of loved ones well. But with my exposure to the spirit world, I have come to a reasonable acceptance of death. I can now handle it. Case in point is that I am going to lose someone very close to me soon. That person is my mother-in-law Mary. Mary was actually born in Italy and has all the loving characteristics of the stereotype Italian mother. She always worried if you had enough to eat and she she’s always interested in your life. When we had our infants, she absolutely loved to change their diapers. Anybody who crossed her path always fell in love with her, I know I did. She had a hard life because she raised nine of her children (you know those old time Catholic families!) on a very stretched income. Compounding her burden, she was cursed with painful fibromyalgia from her forties to the present day. Mary took the role of mother figure in my life because of the relationship that I have with my real mother. I saw her as my pseudo-mother and I always tried to help her when she was in one of her down periods. I know she adopted me as one of her sons, we were very close. I have been prepared for her passing for two years now. During one of my periodic readings from psychic medium  and clairvoyant Brenda Posani, Mary’s father Louie came to visit (my wife Karol’s grandfather). I never met the man, but I always heard glowing stories about him and his kindness. Louie and my mother-in-law had an extremely close relationship when he was alive. Louie told me through Brenda that he was coming soon to escort Mary back to Heaven. Brenda told me that she believed that it would be an illness that started in the neck. At the time, Mary was in pretty good health and I was not concerned that anything was going to happen immediately. Reason being is that time does not exist in the spirit world (see chapter 16 of my book). In comparison, time flies faster up there than what we experience down here. When the spirit of Louie said he was coming for Mary, I knew that we had more time with her because of the time perception difference. How much time she had left, I really did not know. As it turned out, Brenda was correct, about six months later, Mary was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Although the cancer treatment was successful, the process greatly weakened her body. She was not the same after that. Her cancer episode was followed by another illness where she was treated with a Gamma knife to reduce a benign tumor in her ear. The Gamma knife partially destroyed a nerve that affected her swallowing, which lead to a chain of events that resulted in blood poisoning and a lung infection. As of today, she is only days away from a wonderful reunion with her father. My mother in law always fretted about death. I could never understand that because she was a very strong Catholic. I would always admonish her by asking, “Where’s your faith Mom? Trust in God, it will be OK!” Since my admonishments did not do her any good, I brought her to Brenda Posani for a reading in the hopes that her father would reassure her. That psychic reading was a comical scene because Mary is very hard of hearing. She could not hear what was going on, but her father and mother both came through and reassured her. In fact, her mother said a great line about the death process that I quote as the closing line of my book. Mary’s mother said, “Dying is as easy as turning your head, your consciousness is not interrupted in the transition. Izza nothing to worry about!” But because Mary refuses to wear her hearing aids, she missed that great piece of wisdom. I happily recorded it though! Recently, when I was next to her hospital bed, my forehead felt a strong energy. This is normally a signal that a spirit is present. “Anyone there?” I asked mentally. My head shook yes. “Is that you Louie?” My head shook yes again. “Any other spirits here?” My head shook no. Louie was there watching, I told my wife Karol about his presence. In visiting Mary on her death bed, I find that I am not consumed with grief as I was with my father’s passing. I know she is going back home to a better place. My true sadness comes from watching my in-laws grieve. It is heart breaking. But I look at this grief as a testament of how much of an impact Mary had on all of our lives with the love she gave all of us. I am not going to say good bye to Mary though like everyone else is. I am different from most people in that I can communicate with people after they are gone. I am quite confident that I will talk to her again in a few months at a psychic reading with Brenda. I will ask Mary what heaven is like and how she is doing. I will also ask her if she finally believes that I was once an Arch Bishop. I am going to get a lot of satisfaction hearing her admit that I once was one. I will be in touch Mom, tell Louie I said Hi!

Frank Mares
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