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Beloved mother-in-law

Originally posted 11/07/2012

My mother-in-law Mary Miller passed away around 3:00 am on Wednesday morning. I got the word from my sister-in-law Joyce at around 6:00 am on my cell phone. Luckily, I was actually sleeping downstairs on my office futon because my wife Karol was having a difficult time sleeping that night. This allowed me to let Karol sleep a little longer before I broke the bad news to her. I was sitting on my futon being very sad when I got an inspiration. I sat on my futon and started to meditate. I wondered if I could already contact Mom psychically. My skepticism about doing this came from my prior book readings where it was suggested that a soul that just left the body needed time to readjust to its new environment. Also some souls that suffered trauma needed to sleep before they could interact. Since Mom went through some tough physical issues, I feared that that might be the case. Never the less, I asked the Source if I could contact her. The answer that I received was a surprising YES! I called out to Mom mentally and made one of my normal psychic connections. Here is the exchange, remember I am limited to just yes and no answers so I had to prompt her. Mom, are you OK? Yes Did your Dad come to greet you and take you into the white light? Yes Was your Mom also there to take you into the light? No Were all of your old friends from Youngstown there to greet you in the light? Yes Did you have a good time? Yes By this time I was emotionally overcome and had to cut the session short. I told her, “I am so happy for you Mom. You have fun there and I will be in touch soon.” Later that afternoon, we told the kids about the loss of their Grandmother, we thought it was best not to tell them until they got back from school. Jani was particularly distraught when told the news. To help her, I walked her down to her bedroom and sat on her bed with her. I told her, “I want you to meditate and reach out to grandma just like you do with my father.” Jani closed her eyes and started to concentrate. I watched her as her expression would change and she started to cry quietly. After a bit, she opened her eyes. “Did you make contact?” I asked. “Yes, she said that she loves all of us and that everything is ok.” “Jani, what did her voice sound like? Did it sound like your internal voice or was it something different?” “It was Grandma’s voice, but different. Her voice sounded younger.” “How much younger?” I asked. “She sounds like she was thirty years old.” With that response, I just got a validation that Jani was really communicating with her Grandmother. I never told Jani that souls in Heaven typically adopt the appearance and mannerisms of when they were 30 years old, yet Jani reported that very impression. I complimented Jani on her good work and reminded her that she really did not lose her grandmother if she was available to talk to. I told her to reach out to Mary anytime she felt sad. Jani responded that she swore that she felt her Grandmother’s hand on her shoulder when she was communication with her. Just to be sure, I asked the Source if Mary was indeed touching Jani’s shoulder. The answer that I received was yes.

Frank Mares
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