A spirit at her wake


Originally posted November 2012

Last Sunday, Karol’s family and friends gathered for my mother-in-law’s wake.
She certainly touched a lot of people in her life because the line was out the
door to pay her respect.   During the earlier family session, I was sitting in
the front row while the priest was praying the rosary over her body.  I spent
that time meditating. During this time I reached out to Mom psychically and asked
her if she was present in the room. I received a yes answer. I then asked her
where she was in the room, “Are you behind Ed? (her husband)” No “Are you behind
Joe?”  (one of her  five sons) No “Are you behind Greg?”  (another of her  five
sons) Yes.   Like I said before, I can only feel spirits and get yes and no
answers, but I cannot see or hear them.  Luckily, my 11 year old son Camy can
see spirits out of the corner of his eye (he has clairvoyant abilities)  and he just so happened to be sitting next to me.  I leaned over to him and whispered, “Look behind Uncle Greg behind us and tell me if you see anything.” Camy turned, looked and then excitedly whispered back, “There’s a lady in white standing right behind Uncle Greg!  She has hair that reaches just past her ear.” I whispered back, “That’s your
Grandmother Camy!  Nice work!” Greg was the last of her nine children and the
“baby of the family”.  It would make sense that Mom would be right where she
said she would be giving comfort to Greg.

Frank Mares

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