The Drowning Dream

reincarnation of drowning man

Dreams can come from the psychic source. A few nights ago I had a vivid dream where I was sailing a sailboat alone in a  lake that had a dam. (I am not a good sail boat sailor in real life so if I am  controlling a sail boat, bad things tend to happen.) In the dream, I was  clipping along the shore and was approaching the Dam. My wife Karol was on top of the Dam watching me. I was not paying attention to what I was doing and I  ran the boat into the dam. I was thrown overboard with no life jacket and I
sank under the water. The sail boat immediately sunk on top of me, pushing me
deeper. Despite my best efforts, I could not swim around the sinking sailboat
and I started to drown. To show you how far I have come spiritually, I started
to ask myself if I was going to die and when my soul was going to leave my
body. Fortunately, I woke up at that moment. Whenever I have a vivid dream, I
consider them as messages. Of course, trying to figure out the message is
always challenging because dreams communicate in symbolic language. As an
example, I described one vivid dream in my book that was a signal from the
spirit world that they were ready to reveal my life as Nicholas. This drowning
dream however, was difficult to get a handle on so I cheated and consulted a
dream dictionary. Here is what it said about drowning and sinking:
To dream that you are drowning indicates that you are
feeling overwhelmed by emotions. To dream that you or something is sinking
suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed. Someone or something is pulling your  down. Alternatively, the dream means that some important and significant stage  in your life may be coming to an end.
As this dream  happened just after my mother-in-laws funeral, this interpretation fit. She was
the mother figure in my life where she was important and significant and that
stage in my life has come to an end. And it goes without saying, that the whole
funeral process was overwhelming. In my book, I describe dreams as your soul
retelling the events of the day back to you in symbolic terms. The drowning
dream seems to fit this description, it was a form of a psychic reading.

Frank Mares
Wikipedia on Dreams