Rough Seas Ahead

psyschic ability


In my previous blog, I described my happy reaction to finally getting a clairvoyants ability. Recently, I received a vision of a group of warships struggling against very heavy seas and I was able to interpret the vision’s meaning. When I got the vision, I asked the Source if this was some random vision or if it was a message vision. The answer I got was “message vision.” Normally, I leave psychic interpretations to the professionals, but this time I will give it a go because I think it is very important.
The interpretation of my vision is rough seas are coming and the warships signal conflict. If you read the book series “Game of Thrones” or saw the series on HBO, you will be familiar with the phrase “Winter is Coming.” The meaning of the phrase is that summertime cannot last forever, that a hard winter is coming and everyone must be prepared. My new psychic medium friend Kc Matronia just recently posted a channeling message that also warned “In an emergency situation will you remain balanced or will you plow over others to hoard, and push others away to have safety only for yourself? You do not need to be a hero, you just don’t want to harm. Many people find nurturing compassion in time of struggle and emergency. Others fall to their fears, and act in anger. You can tell because they tend to do the same when they are drinking alcohol. Spirit is showing this so we learn to plan now, discern now. Become aware of your allies and your motives now. Adjust and make necessary changes now. Playing mind games and emotional games is over. Soon is the expose’, costumes off, characters revealed. Be who you will be proud of inside. Know thyself.”

So, what is the danger you should ask. Before I tell you, let me preface by remembering a sermon given by Rev. Joe at 1st Guiding Spiritualist Church. Joe is a very talented psychic, but in this sermon he said that part of being a psychic is being observant and realistically assessing the environment around you. With that in mind, here is what I see (my background is finance, so I can talk about these things):

1. Our government is absolutely broke, it borrows 40% of its total budget.
2. When the Fed Govt. does borrow through selling Treasury Bonds, the Federal Reserve buys most of them by creating money out of thin air and then buying the bonds, transferring the dollars to the Fed Govt.
3. Our current debt now is 16 Trillion Dollars and the budget forecasts are to add an additional $1 Trillion dollars to the debt each year as far as the eye can see.
4. There is no Social Security Trust Fund. The politicians of both parties took all of our money and spent it on current government spending. All that is left in the trust fund are IOUs. IOUs financed by the Fed Reserve creating money out of thin air.
5. The Fed keeps the cost of borrowing low by manipulating interest rates so that they are at historically low levels. Remember when people complained about only getting 5% on their bank savings? They would kill for that rate now!
What happens when interest rates return to just the 5% level? Interest payments by the government will grow to 1/3 of the entire revenue that the government takes in. What will cause interest rates to rise? Inflation from the flood of money that the Federal Reserve is creating. Inflation will take off and be far worse than what it was in the late 1970’s. The current safety net will be shredded because the government will have little money to spend. It will not be able to borrow anymore. The unemployment rate will skyrocket with little safety net available. People will be hungry. There may be actual riots like Greece and Spain.

I want to assure you that I am not being political here. It didn’t matter who won the election, the country was already past the point of no return at the time of the election. Neither candidate would have had the ability to stop this coming train wreck.
When will this happen? Those familiar with the psychic world know that exact times and dates are never given. Spirit only reveals events, but not when. From a financial analysis viewpoint, the bad times will come as early as 2 years and as late as 6. In four years, the national debt will be over $20 Trillion dollars. What is a 5% interest charge on $20 Trillion dollars of debt? Answer: annual interest payments of $1 trillion dollars per year. What is the current federal budget? $4 Trillion dollars. 25% of the budget will be going to interest in perhaps 4 years! Like I said, “Winter is coming.” Be prepared. This will really be an extreme life lesson that will really test you as a soul.


Frank Mares
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Reincarnation Press Release


clairvoyant with psychic ability

For those of you who have taken psychic development classes with me or have read my book, one constant about me is my whining about my psychic powers being restricted. I always looked enviously at my fellow psychics who can see or hear the other side without effort. My gift was to have my head shake in a yes or no fashion when I would ask a psychic question. I am Frank the human Ouija board! I admit that having this ability is pretty cool compared to someone who has no gifts. But my psychic ability compared to a high powered psychic is like comparing riding a horse to driving a Maserati. Psychic medium Brenda Posani would always tell me that the better gifts were coming, but they had yet to show up despite hours and hours of meditation over 3 years. Brenda once tapped into my meditation experience and commented, “Wow, I feel like singing that song, “One is the loneliest number you can ever do”. No one talks to you!” During meditation, all I would see is swirling colors like a TV channel that was off the air. Recently I found an E-book called the “Art of Seeing” by Nathaniel which is a practical guide to improving your clairvoyance. I followed the recommendations of the book such as cleaning my chakras, doing affirmations and doing practice exercises. I started to notice little baby steps of improvement. During a meditation one morning a few days ago, an image of a packed travel bag sitting on the floor appeared to me. “Is that a message?” I asked the Source. YES my head nodded. “Is this related to clairvoyance?” YES “Am I moving on in my abilities?” YES Well that was exciting news! Finally this morning I had a breakthrough! I went deep into meditation and connected with my mother-in-law to see how she was doing. I asked her to flash a picture of herself to me. I was shortly rewarded with a grainy picture of her when she was in her 70’s, wearing a lot of makeup and also wearing her favorite blue patterned house work blouse. I described the picture and asked if she had sent that one to me. The return answer was yes!! HOT DOG, I am making progress! Mom then moved on and I went deeper into meditation. A video like image appeared of WW2 warships traveling together in very rough seas. The ships were really getting tossed around. “Is this a message?” I asked the Source. YES went my head nodded. I then was able to decipher it and got confirmation that I was corrwhich I will reveal in a future blog. The news was not good. As a hint, it supports the channeled message that the local psychic Kc Matronia recently made.

Frank Mares
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More on contacting Karol’s Mom in Heaven

reincarnation stories

Beloved mother-in-law

Today we step into the psychic light and go to the psychic source for personal purposes.  This event occurred during Thanksgiving Week 2012.

After the passing of my mother-in-law, my wife Karol wanted to get out of town to recover from the trauma of her funeral. So we took the family to the Tennessee Smoky Mountains for Thanksgiving week. One night we went to a great southern type restaurant that had all kinds of delicious food served in big quantities. It was fantastic. As I was digging in, I thought of Karol’s mom and how she would have loved being there with us sampling all the different foods. I was starting to feel sad but then I realized that I could invite her down to visit with us in spirit form. I closed my eyes and psychically reached out to her. “Mom are you out there?” YES “We are having a great meal here in Tennessee, you would love it. Are you enjoying any fantasy meals up there in Heaven?” NO Can you come and visit us now? NO “Where are you now, are you at somebody’s house?” (I was thinking that she was visiting with her deceased friends from Youngstown up there) YES “Who are you with?” With that I had to call out individual letters A-B-C…. Until Mom responded with a W. “Is that a first name? NO Last name?” YES I was getting frustrated because my form of psychic communication is just too darn slow. Luckily my daughter Jani was seated next to me. Jani is clairaudient so she can actually hear messages. “Jani, I want you to tap into your Grandmother and ask her whose house she is at.” With that Jani closed her eyes and concentrated. Then she reported, “I thought she said Aunt Liz.” Bingo, Aunt Liz’s last name starts with a W. Aunt Liz is also very ill and is Mom’s only sibling. Of course Mom would be with her sister in spirit form giving her comfort. But I came away pleased that Jani and I were able to track down Mom’s whereabouts.

Frank Mares
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A real reincarnation oddity

reincarnation boys

New sons

psychic medium

Old son


Today we go into the psychic light  and we will work on reincarnation proof. Psychic medium Brenda Posani was crucial in the effort to find my past lives.  It was kind of
like the DaVinci Code movie where we kept following clues until we found the bad
boy character in my cast of prior lives.  His name was Count Nicholas Des Fours
and you can actually see his portrait in my photo album on my face book page.
The deal about Nicholas was that he took seven innocent lives.  His actions
encumbered my soul with a big karmic debt that had to be paid back.  When I was
just about to send my book to publishing, I realized that there was a hole in
the story because I had no details about who the victims were and why Nicholas
killed them. I had to fix this shortcoming.   I went back to Brenda for another
hour psychic reading to get the details. To help her in the process, I was able to show
her picture of Nicholas and his son that I printed from the Web.  I wanted
Brenda to verify that he was the man that she saw in her visions and that I was
once him.  When Brenda saw the portrait, she said that’s him!  After that, the
details of the victims’ deaths were revealed. When I got back home, I did not
want to file away the pictures that I presented to Brenda, so I pinned them to
my desk unit wall next to a picture of my two boys when they were three years
old.  I then realized what I just did.  A picture of my son Albrecht from the
1600’s was now hanging right next to my other two son’s pictures from the
2000’s.  I wonder if any other father in history was able to accomplish this
strange coincidence?
Frank Mares

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The Drowning Dream

reincarnation of drowning man

Dreams can come from the psychic source. A few nights ago I had a vivid dream where I was sailing a sailboat alone in a  lake that had a dam. (I am not a good sail boat sailor in real life so if I am  controlling a sail boat, bad things tend to happen.) In the dream, I was  clipping along the shore and was approaching the Dam. My wife Karol was on top of the Dam watching me. I was not paying attention to what I was doing and I  ran the boat into the dam. I was thrown overboard with no life jacket and I
sank under the water. The sail boat immediately sunk on top of me, pushing me
deeper. Despite my best efforts, I could not swim around the sinking sailboat
and I started to drown. To show you how far I have come spiritually, I started
to ask myself if I was going to die and when my soul was going to leave my
body. Fortunately, I woke up at that moment. Whenever I have a vivid dream, I
consider them as messages. Of course, trying to figure out the message is
always challenging because dreams communicate in symbolic language. As an
example, I described one vivid dream in my book that was a signal from the
spirit world that they were ready to reveal my life as Nicholas. This drowning
dream however, was difficult to get a handle on so I cheated and consulted a
dream dictionary. Here is what it said about drowning and sinking:
To dream that you are drowning indicates that you are
feeling overwhelmed by emotions. To dream that you or something is sinking
suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed. Someone or something is pulling your  down. Alternatively, the dream means that some important and significant stage  in your life may be coming to an end.
As this dream  happened just after my mother-in-laws funeral, this interpretation fit. She was
the mother figure in my life where she was important and significant and that
stage in my life has come to an end. And it goes without saying, that the whole
funeral process was overwhelming. In my book, I describe dreams as your soul
retelling the events of the day back to you in symbolic terms. The drowning
dream seems to fit this description, it was a form of a psychic reading.

Frank Mares
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A spirit at her wake


Originally posted November 2012

Last Sunday, Karol’s family and friends gathered for my mother-in-law’s wake.
She certainly touched a lot of people in her life because the line was out the
door to pay her respect.   During the earlier family session, I was sitting in
the front row while the priest was praying the rosary over her body.  I spent
that time meditating. During this time I reached out to Mom psychically and asked
her if she was present in the room. I received a yes answer. I then asked her
where she was in the room, “Are you behind Ed? (her husband)” No “Are you behind
Joe?”  (one of her  five sons) No “Are you behind Greg?”  (another of her  five
sons) Yes.   Like I said before, I can only feel spirits and get yes and no
answers, but I cannot see or hear them.  Luckily, my 11 year old son Camy can
see spirits out of the corner of his eye (he has clairvoyant abilities)  and he just so happened to be sitting next to me.  I leaned over to him and whispered, “Look behind Uncle Greg behind us and tell me if you see anything.” Camy turned, looked and then excitedly whispered back, “There’s a lady in white standing right behind Uncle Greg!  She has hair that reaches just past her ear.” I whispered back, “That’s your
Grandmother Camy!  Nice work!” Greg was the last of her nine children and the
“baby of the family”.  It would make sense that Mom would be right where she
said she would be giving comfort to Greg.

Frank Mares

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A smooth transition to Heaven

reincarnation stories

Beloved mother-in-law

Originally posted 11/07/2012

My mother-in-law Mary Miller passed away around 3:00 am on Wednesday morning. I got the word from my sister-in-law Joyce at around 6:00 am on my cell phone. Luckily, I was actually sleeping downstairs on my office futon because my wife Karol was having a difficult time sleeping that night. This allowed me to let Karol sleep a little longer before I broke the bad news to her. I was sitting on my futon being very sad when I got an inspiration. I sat on my futon and started to meditate. I wondered if I could already contact Mom psychically. My skepticism about doing this came from my prior book readings where it was suggested that a soul that just left the body needed time to readjust to its new environment. Also some souls that suffered trauma needed to sleep before they could interact. Since Mom went through some tough physical issues, I feared that that might be the case. Never the less, I asked the Source if I could contact her. The answer that I received was a surprising YES! I called out to Mom mentally and made one of my normal psychic connections. Here is the exchange, remember I am limited to just yes and no answers so I had to prompt her. Mom, are you OK? Yes Did your Dad come to greet you and take you into the white light? Yes Was your Mom also there to take you into the light? No Were all of your old friends from Youngstown there to greet you in the light? Yes Did you have a good time? Yes By this time I was emotionally overcome and had to cut the session short. I told her, “I am so happy for you Mom. You have fun there and I will be in touch soon.” Later that afternoon, we told the kids about the loss of their Grandmother, we thought it was best not to tell them until they got back from school. Jani was particularly distraught when told the news. To help her, I walked her down to her bedroom and sat on her bed with her. I told her, “I want you to meditate and reach out to grandma just like you do with my father.” Jani closed her eyes and started to concentrate. I watched her as her expression would change and she started to cry quietly. After a bit, she opened her eyes. “Did you make contact?” I asked. “Yes, she said that she loves all of us and that everything is ok.” “Jani, what did her voice sound like? Did it sound like your internal voice or was it something different?” “It was Grandma’s voice, but different. Her voice sounded younger.” “How much younger?” I asked. “She sounds like she was thirty years old.” With that response, I just got a validation that Jani was really communicating with her Grandmother. I never told Jani that souls in Heaven typically adopt the appearance and mannerisms of when they were 30 years old, yet Jani reported that very impression. I complimented Jani on her good work and reminded her that she really did not lose her grandmother if she was available to talk to. I told her to reach out to Mary anytime she felt sad. Jani responded that she swore that she felt her Grandmother’s hand on her shoulder when she was communication with her. Just to be sure, I asked the Source if Mary was indeed touching Jani’s shoulder. The answer that I received was yes.

Frank Mares
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Conquering the fear of death

psychic reading facing death

In my book, I write of how I did not handle the death of loved ones well. But with my exposure to the spirit world, I have come to a reasonable acceptance of death. I can now handle it. Case in point is that I am going to lose someone very close to me soon. That person is my mother-in-law Mary. Mary was actually born in Italy and has all the loving characteristics of the stereotype Italian mother. She always worried if you had enough to eat and she she’s always interested in your life. When we had our infants, she absolutely loved to change their diapers. Anybody who crossed her path always fell in love with her, I know I did. She had a hard life because she raised nine of her children (you know those old time Catholic families!) on a very stretched income. Compounding her burden, she was cursed with painful fibromyalgia from her forties to the present day. Mary took the role of mother figure in my life because of the relationship that I have with my real mother. I saw her as my pseudo-mother and I always tried to help her when she was in one of her down periods. I know she adopted me as one of her sons, we were very close. I have been prepared for her passing for two years now. During one of my periodic readings from psychic medium  and clairvoyant Brenda Posani, Mary’s father Louie came to visit (my wife Karol’s grandfather). I never met the man, but I always heard glowing stories about him and his kindness. Louie and my mother-in-law had an extremely close relationship when he was alive. Louie told me through Brenda that he was coming soon to escort Mary back to Heaven. Brenda told me that she believed that it would be an illness that started in the neck. At the time, Mary was in pretty good health and I was not concerned that anything was going to happen immediately. Reason being is that time does not exist in the spirit world (see chapter 16 of my book). In comparison, time flies faster up there than what we experience down here. When the spirit of Louie said he was coming for Mary, I knew that we had more time with her because of the time perception difference. How much time she had left, I really did not know. As it turned out, Brenda was correct, about six months later, Mary was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Although the cancer treatment was successful, the process greatly weakened her body. She was not the same after that. Her cancer episode was followed by another illness where she was treated with a Gamma knife to reduce a benign tumor in her ear. The Gamma knife partially destroyed a nerve that affected her swallowing, which lead to a chain of events that resulted in blood poisoning and a lung infection. As of today, she is only days away from a wonderful reunion with her father. My mother in law always fretted about death. I could never understand that because she was a very strong Catholic. I would always admonish her by asking, “Where’s your faith Mom? Trust in God, it will be OK!” Since my admonishments did not do her any good, I brought her to Brenda Posani for a reading in the hopes that her father would reassure her. That psychic reading was a comical scene because Mary is very hard of hearing. She could not hear what was going on, but her father and mother both came through and reassured her. In fact, her mother said a great line about the death process that I quote as the closing line of my book. Mary’s mother said, “Dying is as easy as turning your head, your consciousness is not interrupted in the transition. Izza nothing to worry about!” But because Mary refuses to wear her hearing aids, she missed that great piece of wisdom. I happily recorded it though! Recently, when I was next to her hospital bed, my forehead felt a strong energy. This is normally a signal that a spirit is present. “Anyone there?” I asked mentally. My head shook yes. “Is that you Louie?” My head shook yes again. “Any other spirits here?” My head shook no. Louie was there watching, I told my wife Karol about his presence. In visiting Mary on her death bed, I find that I am not consumed with grief as I was with my father’s passing. I know she is going back home to a better place. My true sadness comes from watching my in-laws grieve. It is heart breaking. But I look at this grief as a testament of how much of an impact Mary had on all of our lives with the love she gave all of us. I am not going to say good bye to Mary though like everyone else is. I am different from most people in that I can communicate with people after they are gone. I am quite confident that I will talk to her again in a few months at a psychic reading with Brenda. I will ask Mary what heaven is like and how she is doing. I will also ask her if she finally believes that I was once an Arch Bishop. I am going to get a lot of satisfaction hearing her admit that I once was one. I will be in touch Mom, tell Louie I said Hi!

Frank Mares
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What’s important in life

Talked to him through a clairvoyant

My Dad

Psychic medium and clairvoyant James Van Praagh was very important to my spiritual growth because in his book, “Unfinished Business”, he told the story of 3 young men who died in Vietnam and then died again together in a car accident in California to pay off a Karmic debt for a cruelty they did in Vietnam. This story gave me the clue that my soul was in a similar debt position for something bad I did in a prior life. As such James is one of my psychic heroes and I follow him on twitter. He recently tweeted that “The secret to a successful life can’t be found in money or possessions, but in love for self & others, & compassion for all living things.” I actually have a quote beyond the grave from my father. (The story of this psychic reading that connected to my dad is also in my book, “My journey down the reincarnation highway”.) My dad told me in the reading that “I want you to know that, in life, I put on a very confident face. In truth, though, I was unconfident and many times unsure of myself. I regret that I put too much emphasis on material things. These things really are unimportant. I should have been putting more emphasis on relationships. Relationships cannot be bought.” There you go James, your words are validated from beyond the veil!

Frank Mares
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Frying your Noodle

psychic medium the oracle

I love the Matrix movies where one of my favorite characters is the Oracle. She has a lot of great lines; one of my favorites is when Neo knocks over a vase just after she told him to watch out for it. The background of the scene is that the Oracle is a psychic who can see the future. She knows beforehand that Neo will knock over that very same vase. She tries to prevent the event by shouting a warning, but the warning only serves to startle Neo into knocking over the vase. Her line to Neo was something like “What might really fry your noodle is the idea that you may have knocked over that vase only because of my warning.” Neo looks confused not getting her idea and the Oracle moves on to other business. What the Oracle was trying to communicate that determining the real cause of an event can sometimes be hard to determine. As I describe in my book, I had my noodle fried by psychic medium (Staci Wells) a few months ago. All my life I was mystified why my teens and 20s absolutely sucked. I know everyone has difficulties during that time in their lives, but my experiences were way above average in frustration. I did not go to Staci to discuss this particular topic, but she came right out on her own and told me that my life plan was set to have the first thirty to thirty-three years be an “extensive, extended experience of frustration where I would not get affirmation from others.” It turned out that my soul planned that miserable, frustrating time period to test my self esteem. Staci’s revelation really shows you who is in charge of your life and that entity would be your soul. My higher self thought that that little 20 year exercise would be a great idea while “little ol me” as Frank had to suffer through it. Of course, my higher self had a big Karmic debt to pay off from the activities of one of my prior incarnations, so I (Frank) had to pitch in and contribute to the karmic payoff with this miserable 20 year experience. I have to look at the bright side, at least I was not violently killed like my other prior incarnations. And my struggles will get me to where I am supposed to be.

Frank Mares
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