A nice consolation prize

Reincarnation of man in psychic dream

Originally posted on 10/17/2012

At the end of the Reincarnation Highway book, I wrote that I was going to go on
a different spiritual highway and try to do out of body explorations (OBEs).
Reason being is that the experience is mind blowing; a lot of fun and it offers
spiritual growth in another form. I am sorry to report that the results so far
have been disappointing. Despite reading 3 books by experts and doing my
exercises, the best I can do is to get into a precursor state, but I still have
not obtained “lift off’ yet.  I believe that the reason for my lack of success
is that the spirit world wants me to keep concentrating on my life lessons and
not get distracted by the benefits of life in heaven until my work is done.  All
right, I get it, but I will still keep working at it. Maybe I will get lucky.
Last night at 3:07AM (it’s always that time, same time as my spirit assisted
OBE), I received a consolation prize for my efforts.  I was awarded with a lucid
dream.  For the uninitiated, a lucid dream is where you have complete control of
what you do and who you see in a dream.  And it is extremely vivid.  To take
over conscious control of a dream, you must first realize that you are
dreaming.  It is at that point you can take control.  I have tried to achieve
lucid dreaming before without success. I could never get past that barrier where
I would realize that I was in a dream.  Last night was different.  I was
experiencing a very long dream where I was attending a big party in a many
roomed modern mansion with long halls.  Near the end of that dream, I was
walking down a wide yellow hallway when all of a sudden, I said, “Wait a minute,
I am in a dream!  And if I am in a dream, I can do this!  I then jumped into the
air and started to fly like superman down the hallway.  I rose too quickly and
flew into the ceiling above.  I was actually flying through solid matter like a
spirit. I swooped back down below the ceiling and then into a room with a group
of women.  At that point I participated in some fun activities that I am not
going to write about. I woke up with a huge grin on my face and looked at the
clock, it read 3:07.  I was so happy; I blew kisses at the ceiling in the
direction of the spirits above.  Thank you Morton (my spirit guide) for the
experience! I can’t wait for my next lucid dream experience.  The question is,
will I now be able to do this on a regular basis or was this a fluke? We will
find out together.  I promise that I will blog about it the next time it
happens.  (Hopefully tonight and every night!  A guy can wish, can’t he?)

Frank Mares
Wikipedia on Lucid Dreams