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Originally posted on 10/31/2012

Having been bathed in the psychic light, I look at things much differently.  I believe that most people’s values would change if they also knew about the reincarnation system. For example, I once had a great grandfather who had a reputation for cruelty. He was an Italian man who participated in the First World War. His claim to fame was that after he was captured on the battlefield, he later leapt from a prisoner of war train and returned to his home village. There he hid until the war’s end when he later immigrated to America. I heard stories that late in his life he would buy expensive ceremonial robes for his parish priest to wear during mass. In retelling that story, my grandmother (his daughter) would mutter that he was trying to buy his way into heaven to make up for his cruelties. For some reason today I remembered this story. But I looked at it in a new light. I mused about what my great grandfather would have done if he knew that no matter what he did, he was guaranteed passage to that higher vibrational experience called “Heaven” after he died. Would he still have bought those expensive robes? I don’t think so. Is it only the fear of Hell or the loss of Heaven that compels most people to do good deeds for others? If this fear of Hell or the loss of Heaven belief was eliminated, would the amount of good deeds in the world plummet? I know it would go down, at what percentage I have no clue. I guess that the point I am making is that if you adopt the reincarnation system as reality, any good deed that you do comes only from your heart. There is no short term payoff for you other than satisfaction knowing that you helped. In the very long term there is a benefit in that if you make good deeds a habit in your lives, you will have to live less of them and then you would spend more time in that higher vibrational experience called “Heaven”.

Frank Mares
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I will tell you who really gets credit for creating my book

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Originally posted on 10/28/2012

I was very pleased that my publisher awarded my first book with the “Editor’s
Choice” designation.  Some people might brag about such a thing, but I know
better than to do that.  Reason being is that  I really did not create the
book’s plot line and most of the story elements.  How can I really take credit
for things that were not my ideas?  At best I was a collaborator and organizer
for the true creators.  Who were the true creators?  “They” would be the spirits
on the “other side” who gave me most of my material! In my book, I describe the
summer when I joined Brenda Posani’s psychic development class.  At the conclusion
of our weekly class, Brenda would give each of the attendees a short psychic
reading.  One of my readings from Brenda was very memorable when she told me
that they (the spirits) would “spoon feed” me information.  “What the heck does
that mean?” I thought to myself.  As it turned out, that’s what exactly
happened.  I am kind of an impatient person (it’s in my soul).  I was on a
mission to find my prior lives and their purpose.  However, the information
leaked out at a very measured pace and in a specific order over the next two
years.  I found it all very frustrating until I finished the book.  It was at
that time that I saw that the order of the psychic information created a perfect
story arc!  They made it so easy for me; it was like copying work from a
classmate that sat next to you. I am creating a sequel to the “Reincarnation
Highway” that will tell the same story from the spirits point of view.  Much of
the story is about observing my spirit guides Morton and Gulliver pull the
strings in my life to make things difficult for me as “Frank”.  Since I am
creating the dialogue, the second book must be considered as fiction.  Although,
it should be well within the ballpark of what actually happened.   If I earn
“Editor’s Choice” for that book, I will comfortably take credit for it.

Frank Mares
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Working on a long time weakness in my soul.

reincarnation of sword fighter

Originally posted on 10/15/2012

In my first book, I wrote about a reading I had with the very talented, national psychic medium Staci Wells. Staci specializes in determining what lessons you are working on learning during your current life. She gave me the below surprising insight: “You needed to learn that what others thought of you should not concern you. This all goes back to your prior lives. In your past lives, you had a very strong reactive streak to what others would say about you. You would always adopt the dictates of the church or the royal court to fight for. You would respond strongly whenever someone plucked your heartstrings by physically attacking them. You firmly believed that right had the might and that might will always win out. Your belief system often backfired and then you would lose your life.” She was obviously referring to my bad boy lives as Konrad and Nicholas. Brenda Posani further elaborated on this issue when I was working with her to uncover who Nicholas’ seven innocent victims were. (I am doing this research for the sequel to the Reincarnation highway book.) We determined that in the year 1630, Nicholas and his Calvary regiment were wintering in Nuremburg Germany during the 30 years war. Nicholas took a fancy to a pretty married women he saw walking down the street and he followed her home. He then was confronted by her husband when he barged into their home. Nicholas killed the husband in the encounter. The murdered man had a brother-in-law who was a newspaper publisher in the Nuremburg. The newspaper publisher righteously complained about Nicholas’ outrageous behavior in his newspaper. Nicholas obviously did not like the press he was receiving because he then sent his goons over to the publisher’s house and had the publisher killed. Brenda’s reading directly supported Staci’s reading. In conclusion, my soul does not like to be personally criticized and has killed other people in the past because of this issue. This leads me to a few events that occurred this month. While browsing the web for current pictures of statues and mosaics of Konrad von Hochstaden, I encountered a German website of medieval re-enactors and their on-line forum. In the forum, they were making fun of the obscene Konrad statue that is on the cathedral. I good naturedly got on the website and told them in German to quit mocking my statue as I was his reincarnation. I then told them about the book I was writing. Oh man, the insults spewed out of the web pages! Burn him! Cut off head etc. I thought they were play acting, so I got in the role of Konrad and called them “Brutes” and told them that they would be kneeling and kissing my ring if we were back in those times. I was just having fun and I thought they would have fun too. I then told them that there was more to their hobby because most of them were doing this to relive the times when they really were fighting men in medieval Germany. I thought that was pretty cool since I was giving their hobby high significance. That caused the insults to really fly; I was full of myself, I’m insane, I ‘m drunkard, why am I bothering them? Etc. They then unanimously banned me from the website and destroyed my posts. Yikes! Two weeks later a found the perfect website forum, a European website forum of reincarnated German soldiers. The members are individuals who had actual memories of serving in WW2 Germany. They spend a great deal of time validating their memories in the official archives. I had finally found my brothers-in -arms! Or so I thought! I registered with the website and told them my World War 2 stories. I didn’t read the fine print where they do not allow psychic derived information on their site. They liked my stories until they realized that my recollections were from psychic origins. I explained that my stories did match with the historical record except for the name Otto Kostermann. I was looking for help to validate that name, but I did not get it because the abuse just spewed out from my new friends! “I was a fraud, I was a charlatan, I just wanted to sell my book, I was full of s—t. How dare I call them comrades and brothers.” I stayed on the high road. I told them that I was just offering an explanation or theory why we had these WW2 memories. I was not preaching or pushing anything. My attitude is consider what I write and make your own judgments. It’s quite OK to disagree with me, just be civil. When I suggested that having past life memories was a “psychic ability”, the website erupted in protest and I was once again permanently barred from another website. Holy smokes, why the abuse and why did they feel so threatened? Why were they so excessively vehement in their comments? Why did everybody pile on? The reaction just seemed so excessive. Then I realized, the other side just set up a spiritual test for me. What better way to get me riled up then to have a large public attack my character and my book? The end result was that I think I finally passed the test Staci described. I did not take things personal and I tried to find an accommodation. When that was not accomplished, I did not get snarky or return insults, I just moved on. As Staci Wells revealed in the book, “You need to be less violent. In your life as Frank, you needed to resolve differences peacefully instead of swinging a sword or getting a gun. You needed to learn to be wiser and not to use aggression. A more natural way will come to you of being gentle and cooperative.” I must be making progress.

Frank Mares
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Your difficult spouse was probably a prearranged test.

Angry reinacrnation of psychic medium



Originally posted on 10/05/2012

I want to expand upon the theme of my last blog where I stated that the way to score “soul points” is to rise above the inherent differences you have with other people by showing respect, tolerance and acceptance of those differences. In my last blog, I singled out religion as a perfect hot button issue for people to give them an opportunity to shine as souls. I just remembered that there was another perfect hot button issue, a difficult spouse.
You will notice in my book that I had a “difficult” ex wife named Julie when I was younger. She was an extremely pretty woman with whom I had a 10 year turbulent relationship until she left me for another man. Pretty bad stuff until I learned that the reincarnation system hides things from our view. In chapter 17 of my book, I found out that my whole bad relationship with Julie was planned by my soul to be a test of my self esteem. What better way to test your self-worth than the test that Julie gave me? It was a test that I passed in this life by moving on and letting go without long term anger or self incrimination. I certainly know I would not be so charitable in a prior life. In my life as the brute Nicholas, I would have run her through with my famous sword. She would have been one more victim to add to my list.
So what is my relationship nowadays with Julie? I would call it friendly. I like and admire the person that she has become. I shared with her the manuscript of my book and I occasionally e-mail her with something that I know she would find amusing. I do not need to forgive her, because there is nothing to forgive. We had an agreement before we entered this life that she would test me this way. It was my request, so who am I to be angry? I actually owe her gratitude because she had to endure years of guilt for what happened. I assured her that there was nothing to be sorry for and that she needed to be happy and guilt free.
I share this story with you because I believe this is one of those rare times that my soul actually scored “soul points” in a life because I adopted an accepting attitude. My mother would accuse me of being a wimp, but as we will explore in future blogs, she is a great example as to how not to act.
Frank Mares
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Disappointment in life

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Originally posted on 10/07/2012

Yesterday I was at a dinner honoring Karol’s father who turned 88.  Sitting next to me was one of Karol’s sisters.  She’s a gentle and kind hearted woman who is retired at the age of 55 from a state government position.  She never had children because of a brain tumor she suffered when she was in her teens.  She is a strong Catholic, but she listens to my reincarnation stories with amusement.

Just for fun, I turned to her at dinner and asked her, “So what are you going to be in your next life?”

“I don’t know, I have not decided yet.”  She said with a smile.

“But what would you like to do?” I persisted.

“I would like to have kids”, her eyes betraying a hint of sadness.

“Well you know, you have already lived plenty of lives when you had many children.  You are just taking a break from all of that in this life. So you will have some in the next life, unless you want to come back as a male.”

“No, I don’t think I would make a good male” she replied.

“I agree. Do you know why you do not have kids in this life? It because…” letting her fill in the blanks.

“It’s because I could experience what life would be without them?”

“Exactly, you catch on quick!” I responded.

Although the sister is a Catholic, I could see that the conversation gave her some comfort.  Which actually is the whole purpose of this website.

Frank Mares
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Reincarnation uses the world’s religions for spiritual development



Originally posted: 9/27/2012

I want to share a survey by Religious that breaks down the percentage of people who belong to the world’s different faiths:



% of World










No religion



Chinese folk religion






Tribal Religions











A major tenant of Christianity is that the only way to be allowed entry into heaven is to accept Jesus Christ. Islamists say Allah is the only God.  There are more than 100 verses in the Qur’an advocating the use of violence to spread Islam.  A basic tenant of Judaism is that they are God’s chosen people.

Let’s use some very simple logic here.  Assuming that there is a God, and he/she had a part in creating all of these people and that this God is merciful and loving, then the religious ideas listed above must be false because they would discriminate against the other groups.  Would a universal God really show favoritism?  Logic would say absolutely not!

So why would a Universal Consciousness allow religions to be set up that have readymade conflicts among them?  The answer is that the reincarnation system on Earth uses conflict for spiritual growth.  Remember in the FAQs when I said “spiritual advancement is measured by how much you can rise above your personal prejudices and show understanding and compassion to people who hold different values, viewpoints or beliefs than you”?    Religious conflict is perfect for pushing people’s hot buttons.  It takes extreme effort to rise above it and show tolerance for others.  It is the perfect test for souls.  Religion is not the only hot button issue; there is political conflict, gender conflict, national conflict, racial conflict, Ohio State vs. Michigan.  You get the idea.  To advance, you must show respect and tolerance for others.  If you do not, that’s ok.  But you are coming back down here again and again until you do.


Frank Mares
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