The number one item on your bucket list for this life.

the truth 2

The summer of 2013 was an amazing spiritual experience for me.  In late July, I took a family vacation to Europe where I received additional information about my past lives and had the surreal opportunity to visit my tomb at the Cologne Cathedral.  Two weeks after coming home, I then went alone to the Monroe Institute in Virginia for an intensive 6 day workshop in out of body training.  The course was taught by William Buhlman.  The same William Buhlman that I credited in the last chapter of my book as the inspiration to pursue out of body experiences as a continuation of my spiritual journey.  The workshop experience was absolutely amazing and it generated enough material for a second book and a series of blog posts.

Part of the preparation for the workshop was to read (or in my case) reread Bill’s book “Adventures out of the Body”.  Going over material a second time allows one to pick up information and nuances that I missed the first time around. What really resonated with me from the book was the story when Bill went out of body and met with a group of advanced souls who were spirit guides.  Together they discussed the purpose of reincarnation on earth. One guide made a comment to Bill, “We know how tough being in a physical body can be; we have all been there. The ultimate test is to recognize the truth while surrounded by dense illusions (being incarnated.)”   It took a while but I realized that this guide was (in a very real sense) revealing an important final “exam test” question and its answer to we incarnated souls on Earth.  That is, you must come to learn and accept during your time on Earth that we are not human beings but rather spirits who temporarily exist in human bodies.  We also must acknowledge that our earth existence is only one  of many other realities. This particular “test question” is very hard to achieve because we come into the world with amnesia about who we really are (this makes the earth experience much more impactful and scary). To fill the knowledge vacuum caused by our amnesia, our different earth cultures have generated incorrect beliefs about our true nature, making the discovery of the correct answer even more difficult because almost no one would believe the real truth.   Never the less, the end result is that besides all of the other issues we are learning to conquer on earth, our souls do not get to graduate (and to stop reincarnating) until we also discover this ultimate truth about our true nature!  I found this revelation extremely profound.  Luckily for me personally, I discovered this truth in my current life through my enlightenment, so that’s at least one  thing I can check off my long  to do list.

I came home from the Monroe Institute on a Friday afternoon and early the following morning, I was riding with my brother-in-law Jeff to a cross country meet that our sons were running in.  (This is the same brother-in-law who I wrote about in the introduction of my book who encouraged me to tell my supernatural stories.)  During our drive, the spirits would arrange another one of those happy serendipitous, coincidences that I have experienced before.  Halfway during the trip, Jeff asked me about my Monroe Institute visit.  I started to describe to Jeff my discovery of the “final test question” for our souls as I thought that would be the most important piece of information I could pass along. Just as I was starting to spit out the quote from the Buhlman book, Jeff interrupted me.

“Excuse me Frank, but would you read that bumper sticker on the pickup truck that is right next to us?”

“Sure”, I responded and turned to look at the pickup traveling in the next lane.  On the back cab of the pickup truck was a sticker that read “Epic”.   “What’s the big deal about “Epic” Jeff?”

“That’s our main software competitor who is currently eating our lunch.  I thought it was an advertisement for them.  That’s what attracted my attention.”

I turned to look again and reported, “Nope, it’s not about software, it’s about some music band.”  Then I turned my attention to the bumper sticker that was just to the right of the “Epic” sticker. It read, “The Truth is still the Truth even if no one believes it.”

This was no coincidence but a finely crafted message arranged by the other side!  Jeff was the target of this message.  I laughed and then told Jeff the meaning of the bumper sticker and how it tied into what I was going to tell him.

I hope you heed the message Jeff and don’t blow it. I mean, what are the odds of your next life of having another goofy relative  who just so happens to have one of the secrets of the Universe?   You can actually save some future round-trips if you pay attention now.    But, what’s the hurry? You have eternity to get this question right!

Frank Mares