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My Journey Down the Reincarnation Highway

The True Story of a Man who Found Nine of His Past Lives

by Frank Mares

Your book is one of the best that I have read on the subject of reincarnation. And I have read many.--- Patrick S. New York

I have just finished reading your book and could not put it down.
---Julie T. England

Very Intriguing! Frank has a wonderful writing style and has laid out the process of his personal discoveries in a manner that just keeps you intrigued from start to finish. - Debbie Havens- Amazon reviewer


I am a man who has experienced supernatural events many times late in my life. The ironic thing is that if anyone told a story like this to me five years ago, I would have automatically dismissed it out of hand. Itís amazing how oneís viewpoint changes when you accidently step into the real Twilight Zone and experience things that few other people would believe.

It all started when my Dad died seven years ago. I was devastated and having been an atheist all of my life, I started a search to see if there is any hope for life after death. A number of strange coincidences lead me to practice meditation where I stumbled into the ability to communicate with unseen entities. (What really happened is that I became psychic, but I did not realize it at the time.) I know that many people would think that I lost my mind and that I was only hearing voices in my head. Fair enough, but these entities told me things that I never knew before. They told me that I was once a German Wehrmacht soldier who died violently on the night of May 1, 1944. They gave me my name, birthday, rank, military unit, home town and details about my prior family. I checked the historical record and I nearly fell over when the information checked out. It appeared that I discovered my own personal reincarnation story. To confirm these revelations, I hired and joined a group of talented psychics who revealed that not only was I once a German soldier, but that I actually suffered a series of six other violent deaths. Each psychic individually and over a period of time, told me different pieces of my past, but all the pieces fit together perfectly. There were no conflicts. In researching these prior life stories, I found further confirmation in the historical record for two of these lives. I then began a spiritual journey to solve the mystery why I had died violently so many times and what these deaths had to do with my current safe and boring life. At the end of this journey, I found out that my soul DID DESERVE to be murdered seven times. While this sounds like an interesting fiction book, this is not the case. I wrote a non-fiction book. The events in this book are true. I am confident that most of you will find this book a very interesting read at the very least. For a smaller group of my readers, there's a good chance that this book will send you out on your own spiritual journey. I am just blazing the trail for you so to speak.

Since you are here, why not check out two selected excerpts from my book. The first excerpt recounts the very first moment that I received psychic messages. The second excerpt was when I was hypno-regressed to learn specifically about my World War II experiences. Two important incidents about other past lives would be revealed in that session that would later match perfectly with future psychic readings.

If you are interested in a first hand perspective of the psychic world, reincarnation, and communicating with deceased relatives, then the Universe has guided you to a book that will answer a lot of your questions.

Excerpt from Chapter Four- Opening the door through Meditation

One special morning in March 2009, I meditated in my office. My head started to enthusiastically roll around as normal. After a while, the head rolling suddenly shifted into an up-and-down motion like I was shaking my head yes. Then it changed suddenly to moving itself back and forth like I was shaking my head no. Then it changed back to the yes motion. It was like something was trying to signal me. Was ... continue


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