three year spiritual journey. The reincarnation that I will address is not the religious reincarnation of the eastern religions, but rather the “nuts and bolts” of how it is done and what it means in your life. The only place that comes close to some form of accreditation is the Newton Institute. The Newton Institute trains therapists in past life regression therapy. The therapists there regress subjects to the period of time when they were in heaven before they were born. Their work has uncovered the actual process of reincarnation and the spirit society that supports it. The founder, Dr. Michael Newton has written a series of very interesting case study books (which are best sellers) that I highly recommend. I used three high powered psychic mediums (and my own psychic ability and psychic power) to question spirits on the other side to confirm what the folks at the Newton Institute discovered. For the most part, my playing psychic detective with the spirits confirmed Dr Newton’s (Dr Newton’s work is very similar to the work of Dr Brian Weiss) discoveries with only very minor differences. If you keep an open mind and read my blog and my book, I believe that you will see how well I am able to answer the age old question, “what is the real meaning of life?”

Let me assure you of one important thing. This website is not a religious website. It does not matter if you do have a particular religious faith or do not have one because the reincarnation system transcends all religions. I say that because you chose before you are born whether you would be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, atheist or whatever. One of my first blog posts addresses this issue.

To use this website to your maximum advantage, I would recommend that you first read the Reincarnation FAQ page to get the basics. Then check out My Prior Nine Lives page where I reveal some of my prior lives. I also recommend my Blog page where I tell of my psychic adventures after the timeline of the book ends. Finally, I have a Mail Bag page where some of my readers recount stories from their own prior lives. You will find their stories to be fascinating. In the mailbag, I also answer reader’s questions and fend off abuse from angry non-believers.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me, I will try to respond to you. The best material will go into the mail bag page. I will try to update the blog every two weeks so try to check in. I will also comment or tweet about current events that were set up as challenges for all of us. So, are psychics real? You bet your prior life they are! Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!

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